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Our Services

Here at Little Rose we can help design, plan and execute the perfect event. From custom backdrop and balloon options to custom printing and event styling we cover all the bases to wow you and your guests!


Stunning Backdrops

Set the tone

A backdrop sets the tone of your event and hosts a spot for memorable pictures. From large-scale stunning walls to smaller more intimate setups we can do it all.

Custom printing

Customized printing for every event

Take your event to the next level with our in-house printing options. Our resident graphic designer has been creating beautiful designs for over 23 years, his expertise in design and professional printing abilities allows us to create custom pieces you can't get anywhere else.


Event Styling

Stunning and Memorable

Putting a beautiful event together can be tricky, there are a lot of moving pieces. We strive to help lift the load a bit by providing many styling and coordinating services to elevate your event from good to amazing!

Candy Cart and event rentals

Wide selection of rentals

We have a wide selection of rental items to be used in conjunction with your styled event! From our ball pit, shimmer wall, candy cart and wide selection of backdrops, decor pieces, dishware we have every detail covered!


Ball Pit Rental

Talk about fun!

Our 8x8 ball pit is ALWAYS a hit at every party! We can put this indoors and outdoors (on a nice day) for hours of fun! Kids? What kids! You won't see them until it's time for cake! Customize your rental with custom graphics or backdrop arch & more!
Ball pit rental starts at $400


Custom Balloons

Stunning and unique helium balloon bouquets for any event.


Organic balloon garlands

What's a party without balloons?!

The thing that started it all. Little Rose started off by doing balloon garlands and has turned us into a full-service event styling company but we still love creating beautiful organic pieces for your event. What's a garland you ask? A balloon garland is essentially balloons tied together to make an awesome statement piece that is so versatile it can literally go anywhere. A wall, a railing a ceiling, wherever your heart desires! Add fresh greenery, florals or custom graphics to really make it pop!

Specialty balloons

We like to get creative!

We can't make balloon animals. we'll leave that to the pro's but we do create some fun options for your next event!


Recent Parties

Some of our recent faves!


Alice inspired Easter tea!

Theres always time for tea

Coco-Watermelon Birthday!

Cocomelon, but make it watermelon!


Wild One!

The theme that just keeps going!


Cookies and Milk Party

Our yummiest theme yet!


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